Sound Design


Thr33 Tr1al5 is a series of short melodies and tones that were mixed with the intent to be used in video games and other indie projects.
For this project, I wanted to experiment with the feelings players anticipate (especially after a save is presented) when an enemy or a final boss would be approaching the scene is one of the best feelings during gameplay and for this I wanted to do my best to replicate those tones.


Cry of The Extra-Terrestrial is a two part narrative audio project with the theme “Supernatural”. 

Part 1
After a harsh crash landing and alien child finds themselves lost in the unknown silence of the woods. As they search for a way back home and a huntsman, in the distance, spots the wreckage and seeks to retrieve the lost extra-terrestrial.

Part 2
A few moments later another space ship appears close to the crash site and begins their pursuit of their lost child. With nothing but a faint scent and a familiar call, she wonders through the woods in search for her young.